Welcome to the Beat Saber League!

The Beat Saber League is a Beat Saber tournament created with the intention of hosting and normalising League-style tournaments in Beat Saber. Hosted and organised by  Jaack Rocker and    Danny.

As a non-profit organisation, our management team doesn't earn anything from this other than experience, and having a bit of fun.

The Beat Saber League (or BSL for short) is a beat saber tournament spread over roughly 2 months. To begin with, we host qualifiers which will decide the players' seedings for the group stages. The qualifiers last 10 days, and will end coinciding with the end of sign-ups.

The group stages last for roughly 4-5 weeks and involve splitting players up into regions, and then groups within those regions. Each player will compete against the other players in their groups, and afterward the top 4 players from each group will head into the playoffs.

The playoffs will see the two regions meet again in a Double-Elimination style 32-man bracket. For the first round in the bracket, players will compete against players from their own region, and in the following rounds they will compete against players from the other region.

Prize pool



  • PulseLane - £100 ❤
  • john_segundus - £100 ❤
    "Thanks to all from john_segundus"
  • StreamBeans - £80 ♥
    "I could never do any of this, so I live vicariously through you all. :) Remember to do your best, stay humble, but more importantly, have fun! I didn't tune in for Season 0, but I will be for Season 1. Can't wait! Good luck to everyone!"
  • Koalafied Operator - £80 ♥
    "Your favorite Koalafied Boomer checking in."
  • Wolven - £75 ♥
    "allo it wolven hope to cast the finals pogchampion"
  • Bailvik - £50 ♥
    "Let's go. Good luck to everyone playing :) Remember to have fun"
  • Anonymous - £40
    "Super excited to watch all the competitors! Good luck everyone!"
  • Amy - £20
    "pog u aLL IM DRUNK"
  • Irrelevant - £20
    "Now I have to win this back monkaS"
  • Incanium - £15
    "Let's get this started"
  • Drexcalibur - £15
  • Shield - £10
    "This is the first BSL I'm tuning into and I'm excited to see the results! Good luck to everyone! :)"
  • altrewin - £10
  • Anonymous - £10
  • Anonymous - £10
  • Anonymous - £10
    "Poor blocks, why kill them and their family?"
  • Anonymous - £10
    "100% not making to the end, but I wanna help this be successful if I can."
  • Anonymous - £10
  • Anonymous - £7
    "Love beat saber, hoping to participate in the next seasone!"
  • Floatyoats - £5
    "Hope this donation helps"
  • xXKamikazeXx - £5
    "From Czech people to support this awesome competition."
  • TacFusion - £5
  • DufvA - £5
    "Hurrdurr, just slice block"
  • Anonymous - £1.50